From Patient Mom to HGF Volunteer: Sarah Langston

When the HGF team thinks ‘superstar volunteer’ we think Sarah Langston. Her attention to detail and attitude of excellence and care for each project she takes on comes from a place of deep understanding as her son, Owen, was admitted to the BMTU in 2017. Now, he’s a regular at the HGF Golf Tournament each year!

What does it mean to you to be a HGF volunteer?

When Owen was diagnosed with brain cancer I asked God for two things. For Owen to be healed, and for God to show me how to help…how to make such an awful scenario better. We are four years off treatment and I am not finished helping.

What are your favorite volunteer tasks?

Assembling Welcome Baskets! Although, I did enjoy assembling the April Fools’ goodie bags because Owen would have enjoyed pranking his nurse friends during his time on the BMTU.

Why are HGF volunteers so important?

Happy moments are hard to come by when you’re living through trauma. Kindness from strangers not only helps break the sadness, even if only briefly, but also fills you with hope that you can make it through. People blessing our family made me hopeful some day on the other side of treatment, I could return the favor.