Our Namesake

When John and Erin Kiltz founded His Grace Foundation, they wove the name of their youngest daughter, Rebekah Grace “Gracie” Kiltz, into the very heart of the organization’s name.

The Kiltz family designed HGF to provide the type of support to bone marrow transplant patients and families that they themselves had received from a close network of family and friends during Gracie’s treatment for leukemia at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Since His Grace Foundation’s inception, Gracie’s story has been the cornerstone of HGF’s mission to ensure a legacy of hope and care for BMT patients and families.

On September 8, 2018, Gracie’s life on this earth came to an end. As the HGF family grieves the loss of our beloved friend and inspiration, we also have the honor of stewarding Gracie’s legacy as His Grace Foundation continues to carry her name.

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By this time next year, His Grace Foundation will be providing physical, emotional, and financial support to 60% more patients and families than we currently do. The fifteen inpatient families we currently serve at a time will become twenty-five.

We hope you’ll consider making a gift today to ensure a legacy of hope and care for those we serve in memory of Gracie Kiltz.