Spread the Love: Remembering Ziggy

As the His Grace Foundation staff prepares for Valentine’s Day celebrations on the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit — ordering heart-shaped chocolates and packaging festive goodie bags — we’re reminded of Ziggy, whose impact continues to spread love.

Philandis Stovall remembers her son Ziggy eagerly unwrapping the gigantic welcome basket that greeted him upon arrival to the BMTU in July 2017.

“[The HGF volunteers] fell in love with Ziggy immediately. I remember that day well. I took pictures of him with his basket and posted them right away,” she recalls.

Ziggy was thrilled to see his personal favorites — legos, cars and all-things the color red — included in his basket. All items that HGF had ensured were included after receiving his list of interests.

Val Anderson, HGF’s Support Services Director, remembers his incredible manners.

“He was just truly grateful,” she says.

It’s things like the distraction of a new toy or the warm meal reminiscent of home that HGF is so pleased to provide each and every patient and family that walks through the BMTU.

“His Grace Foundation is there to be a support system in the flesh,” says Philandis.

And it was that support that gave Philandis the strength to provide the same for families going through similar circumstances.

“Raising awareness for these kids means fighting for them in every way possible,” says Philandis.

After Ziggy’s passing in 2018, Philandis founded Ziggy Champion Kids, whose mission is to “support and encourage families of cancer patients, helping them through the difficult journey of treatment.”

Whether it’s providing gas and groceries for a young adult in financial crisis, or delivering donuts to local children’s hospitals, Philandis has carried on the same hope and support she was given by His Grace Foundation, all to honor her precious Ziggy — talk about spreading the love.

To learn more about Ziggy Champion Kids, click here.