The Boggan Family

After 8 months of tests, life-threatening sickness and searching for answers, a 10- month-old named Kate was diagnosed with Congential Amegakaryocytic Thrombctopenia (CAMT), an extremely rare form of bone marrow failure. During Kate’s treatment and transplant, her mother, Lindsay, discovered that she was pregnant with Kate’s brother, Will, who would also be diagnosed with CAMT. HGF was honored to serve this family during both of their children’s transplants and hospital stays.

Lindsay and her husband, Alex, thanked HGF “standing in the gap for all of the Texas Children’s Hospital Bone Marrow Transplant families.” They were especially grateful for the free parking and meals. Special touches like the Wednesday “treat cart” made their day more than once. Lindsay fondly remembers a week when she forgot to fill out her weekly shopping list and was amazed to find her favorite soft drink awaiting her in Will’s room during their stay, a request fulfilled before it could even be asked.

Recently, Lindsey told me, “His Grace is the comfort of the BMTU…that extra special, ‘make your insides warm up’ love that parents of sick children need!”

Kate is now three, Will 18 months, and HGF celebrates with the Boggans that both children had successful transplants. According to Lindsey, “Kate is a thriving three-year-old! Looking at her you would never guess what she’s been through.”

Will has experienced some post-transplant complications, but the Boggans remain confident that, just like his big sister, he will overcome his obstacles.